Two screen video and sound installation RWA, Bristol 2014

With Overflow the frame is used as a structure to influence expectations of location and position within the architectural space of the gallery.  The sound constructs a range of spaces which at times contrast with the movements of the images.  The images and sounds question the structures which contain them through changing orientations and directions which dislocate and challenge the spectator.   Overflow references early films of the sea, particularly the actuality films known as Rough Sea or Wave films.  To the early spectator, the movements of the sea seemed to overflow the frame in ways both mesmerising and disquieting.

video documentation of Overflow

Overflow was made for The Power of the Sea show at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, April – July 2014 and was funded by Grants for Arts, Arts Council England.  A publication related to the exhibition called The Power of the Sea: Making Waves in British Art 1790-2014 is available from Sansom & Company.