Single screen HD video, 10 mins sound, 2014

Elsewhere was made with a CMIR (Centre for Moving Image Research University West of England) and RWA (Royal West of England Academy) bursary and shown with other bursary holders at the RWA during November and December 2014.

Elsewhere was made partly as a result of previous work involving filming the sea along the Cornish coast.  Then I was concentrating on the view out to sea, but found that some of the most compelling views were often encountered in or near a car park, at the end of a car journey.  I also noticed that the car park could be the destination itself for car occupants, who might stay in their vehicles to look out to sea and in this, the car framed the view.

In making Elsewhere for the RWA/CMIR bursary, I was investigating the relationship between one view and another, interrogating the way these coastal places contain both the compelling and the mundane.  I was also exploring the relation of the horizon to the frame and how the car can be another kind of frame.


elsewhere (excerpt) from Jo Millett on Vimeo.